Client: Boyd Ventures

SECTOR: Heavy Hauling & TransportationS


Services: Squarespace Website Developmen


Heavy hauling and transportation for Western Canada, Boyd Ventures has been the trusted transportation provider for some of Canada's largest Oil & Gas and Lumber companies for over 30 years.

Boyd Ventures turned to Pink & Rhino to develop a dynamic and affordable website presence to showcase their extensive experience in their industry and their fleet. Squarespace was an excellent website solution to fit their budget.  With an intuitive easy to navigate administration panel the business is now able to easily manage website content, change images and adjust their equipment fleet.  This empowers the management as they only need to dedicate a minimum amount of time to manage their website.

The Challenge

Boyd Ventures needed a new website in order for new customer decision makers to access company information to assist in a purchasing decision. They require an inventory list of their companies extensive equipment fleet which is constantly changing. Management requires a CMS system that allows them to quickly update their trucking fleet quickly without investing a lot of time.


Pink and Rhino delivered a user friendly website, built on squarespace so that updating content was very simple and quick for the websites management.

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