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Push the boundaries of what you thought possible with WordPress. Limitless custom possibilities, powerful specialized out of box features; event management, cost calculators, appointment scheduling, user submission, live streaming media, directories, customer login - tell us your goals, we can build it.

  • WordPress powers 30% websites
  • Magazines, Books and Blogs
  • Site Builders
  • Video Platforms
  • Bespoke Websites
  • E-commerce

Design Process

Custom and intuitive design for products, website, and apps.

Create Sitemap

Create a web or application sitemap to architect the content strategy and user journey.


Build User Flows


Research Users

Identify the user's behavioural patterns and present them using a clear interface.


Plan Customer Journey


Manage Content


Share and Capture Client Feedback



Our project process makes it easy to create and iterate, moving through concept to completion.

Here's what we have in store for you

Custom and intuitive design and development for products, website, and apps.

UX & Development

Top-notch design with a top-down approach for each project. 


Build planning of your site or app structure.

Team Work

Top-notch digital team collaboration and communication.


Dedicated Project Management with every project.

Content Planning

Content first site structure and flows based on information architecture.

Client Communication

Approval at each stage of design and development process.

Latest Tools

The latest tools and technologies for each project. 

Managed Support

Managed monthly web and application care.



Is procrastination really that bad?

We can’t say, but we do know a lot of people are using a lot of time doing it.

With our new app, procrastination has suddenly become science (because we analyze stuff).

And, the really good news? You can suddenly become a scientist instead of being a procrastinator.

I really wanted to write a long review about this awesome application, but something came in the way. Bottomline, the app works really well and I am happy I purchased it.



When ProCraz is running, it will try and connect to our datahub. The app can detect wifi hotspots, LAN connections, satellites, badly passworded smartphones, etc.


ProCraz will collect irrelevant usage aka procrastination patterns, from all connected devices in the world. This happens without any interference at all.


All incoming data is analyzed and the most exciting and relevant info we keep for ourselves. The rest of the data is returned to our users.

ProCraZ Free Version

Absolutely free
  • Basic connection types
  • Limited collection radius
  • 20 new stories each day
  • Limited save for later function
  • Only text stories
  • Some commercials

ProCraZ Science Version

$9.99 per Month
  • All connection types
  • Worldwide collection radius
  • Unlimited new stories each day
  • Save and share your favorite stuff
  • Several media types
  • No commercials
  • Content translated on the fly
  • Custom profile and scorecard